Last winter Josh Garrison and I spent two months together in the Nepal Himalaya. During the month of February while trekking in the Langtang region near the frontier of Tibet, we pooled our camera bodies, ideas, and techniques to create some of the best work we could. When Josh returned to the states in early April, he sat down to edit a video of his winter in the Himalaya. Josh created his own music on the guitar and voice-over narrative in this edit which also incorporates Josh's solo time in the Annapurna and Solokhumbu (Everest) regions. Most of the effort and footage comes from Josh. You will see me more often behind the lens of his camera. I'm posting it here on the TIP as a way of sharing our work together. Enjoy the vid!

This video is being released during a time Josh is out trying to hike the Appalachian Trail at a very quick pace, roughly 40 miles per day! You can see Josh's Trail Journal here: Josh is hiking with another good Outward Bound friend of mine Josh Lederach, and you can see his Trail Journal here: