Just got back to Midpines after helping the ongoing seed science project. We climbed into familiar trees and took samples, photographs and videos. It has been a fun collaboration with the Center for Forestry at the University of California at Berkeley. Highlights from the week: climbing with Rob, Keith and John, working with Ken, and observing all of the research being conducted by members of the Dawson lab at UC Berkeley, and finally, the overnight in the canopy (in which I forgot my hammock on the ground and made an improvised bivy). Enjoy some of the images from this past week below. Take a look at Rob's website http://www.rmelephant.com/adventures/redwoods3.html to see more images. I'll be in the field working until August 13. See ya'll then!

Keith climbing a charred Giant Sequoia at Whitakers Forest

Keith hanging out in the canopy about 220' from the ground


About half way up a Giant Sequoia looking down valley

Portrait of Rob and John on the portaledge before the sunset

Keith eating his canned food dinner before going to sleep in his hammock