Our second week on the river was characterized by the high-flow experiment. In the week we traveled from Nankoweep to Bass Camp through a bunch of the major rapids. At Phantom Ranch we acquired a new member of our team. We had two flips in Crystal and one flip in Hermit. Somehow I managed to not be on the rafts that flipped. See some of the images below for highlights. During this section of the river I was focusing mainly on video. Most of these stills were from a lay-over day at Bass Camp where I had a full day to explore.

Sunrise at the Nankoweep Granary

Looking down at the Colorado River from the Nankoweep Granary

Beautiful waters of the Little Colorado River

Group portrait looking up canyon at the Little Colorado River

Playing with head lamps in the evening at Tanner Camp

Phantom Ranch

Sunset in a side canyon below Phantom Ranch

Zak and Parker hiking in the Shinumo Wash

Waterfalls in the creek, Shinumo Wash

Looking up canyon in the Shinumo Wash

Sunburst in a cottonwood

Plants on a cliff, Shinumo Wash

The Shinumo waterfall as seen from above

The Shinumo waterfall as seen from below