Our third and last week on the river we traveled from Bass Camp to Pearce's Ferry. During this week I celebrated my 29th birthday on the river. We visited some amazing side canyons including Elves Chasm, Matkatamiba, Deer Creek, Indian Canyon, National Canyon and Havasu Canyon. The high-flow experiment ended but we still had to slay the Lava Beast. Plus Upset, Bedrock, Dubendorf and some other smaller rapids. I managed to flip the ducky while paddling in Lava, even though I chose the cheater far-left line. It was exciting swimming, but I was happy to change into dry clothes after the swim and float for the rest of the day on a vessel less likely to flip. We had a lay-over day at Fat City which was nice to explore around. Rafting highlights: one of our rafts kissed the "Killer Fang," three rafts went left at "Bedrock," and the raft I was in (captained by Mike Mourar) hit the hole at 205 mile rapid, and we almost flipped. We had an excellent turkey dinner at Surprise Canyon on Thanksgiving and the float through Helicopter Alley was a stark reminder of human civilization and commercialism. Thanks to everyone who helped make this expedition a reality. It was an awesome experiment for me, one which I will likely take part in again.

Emily about to jump into Elves Chasm

Second falls in Elves Chasm

Deer Creek Falls

Looking upstream at National Canyon

Patterns in the sand from the high-flow, below Dubendorf Rapid

Stu Scouting at Upset Rapid

Almost our whole crew in Matkatamiba Canyon

Almost our whole crew in Matkatamiba

The waters of Havasu Canyon mixing with the Colorado River

Looking up into Havasu Canyon from near the confluence with the Colorado River

Havasu Canyon

Sunrise on the river in Quartermaster Canyon,

Lazy Flotilla floating to Pearce's Ferry on our last day

Sunrise on the river at our last morning, Pearce's Ferry