Hey everyone the last month has been pretty busy. I've been editing a video for OBCA, working on a repairing a porch and getting ready for a long expedition. The video went live today and I'll let the video speak for itself.

Directed, shot and edited by Dave Katz. 

Timelapse Photography by Josh Garrison, https://vimeo.com/user4888849

Final Sound Mix by Nate Richardson http://repstudio.com

Sound Design, and original music created by Cody Tucker codytckr@yahoo.com, https://vimeo.com/118977506

Additional Photography

Jon Byers http://www.jonathanbyers.com/ 

Rikki Dunn http://stoketrainadventures.com

As a side note, I'll be in the field for the entire month of November on the Grand Canyon documenting a rafting expedition. You can follow our progress down the Colorado River by checking my twitter feed twitter.com/tenacitypursuit