Mid August here in Midpines, just got back from another great three weeks in the mountains with a talented, motivated group of ten young adults. Along with my trusty co-instructor Laura, we led the students through quite a grueling alpine high route which traversed sections of the Tablelands, the Great Western Divide and the Kern River Valley. We hiked almost 150 miles and a good chunk of that was off trail high in the alpine. I'll let the images speak for themselves. This update is focused on the students-in-the-field. Stay tuned for part two which will focus on the landscapes.

Outward Bound Students descending to Crescent Lake in Sequoia National Park

Student Wyatt looking down on Crescent Lake

Student Skyla navigating across the Tablelands in Sequoia National Park

Students trekking below Lonely Peak in Kings Canyon National Park

Student Allie leading the group up Coppermine Peak in Kings Canyon National Park

Student Walker jumping into Crescent Lake

Student Lottie leading the group up Lion Lake Pass from Cloud Canyon

Descending the loose talus and grass ramps down to Lion Lake

Descending the trail to Colby Lake in Kings Canyon