We escaped the rain for a brief moment, and for the first time I slept under the stars since arriving in Alaska. We drove west from Cooper Landing and caught out first glimpses of the massive Mount Redoubt coming out of the ocean. We then headed to the mouth of the Kenai River and spent the night sleeping out under the stars, hoping to see some northern lights. No lights were to be had, but an amazing moon-setting episode and the Milky Way did appear. The next day we enjoyed an easy road trip back to Anchorage and a book-end bivouac at the Eagle Creek Campground. A final hike brought us up to the Hunter Pass near the south fork of the Eagle River which we enjoyed views of Denali and the city of Anchorage. Enjoy the images of the third 'Alaska Dispatch' - stay tuned for the final dispatch from Denali, due out in about three days.

Two people strolling the beach at mouth of the Kenai River

Moon setting on Redoubt Mountain (Chigmit Mountains in the Aleutian Range) as seen from the mouth of the Kenai River

Clear skies above the Kenai River