The road to nowhere

A photo journey in Bolivia

Above me is a deep blue cloudless sky and there are no other people in sight. I’m standing on the edge of a vast desert, my shoes are covered in salty brine, and on the horizon are massive purple peaks. It’s early in the morning, the elevation is nearly 13,000 feet, and I’m watching my shadow shrink as the sun rises. It is a stunning visual experience. This is the Altiplano of Bolivia!

Bengal to Maharashtra

a glimpse into train travel in India

I’m staggering around the blazing midday heat and chaos of the Esplanade district in Kolkata, India. In my right hand I hold a fat jug of (hopefully) purified water.  In my left hand I’ve packed a used rice sack full of snack food, a few books and a change of clothes. On my back a beatup rucksack contains my important possessions: cash, wallet, camera and passport.  I’m looking for a bus to get me across the Hoogly River...

Easter in Ethiopia

Exploring ancient traditions

It’s 3:00 a.m.  I’m in a church built entirely of stone. One single electric bulb illuminates the entire room. With me there are over a hundred worshipers who have been fasting for the last 72 hours, some without water. They are here to celebrate the rebirth of Christ.  I’ve been following the devotees around the rock-hewn churches here in Ethiopia for two weeks getting ready for this moment....